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As Rep. Henry Hyde and his fellow House managers slunk back to their lair after failing to oust the president, William Jefferson Clinton added another mark to his Cover Story resume. The Clinton sex scandal/impeachment imbroglio again topped the monthly newsstand survey, with 14 points. President Clinton -- who took the top Cover Story prize for all of 1998 -- led the cast of impeachment characters in February, with 7.5 points all his own. The man from Hope, Ark., graced the covers of six magazines, appearing on Time and Newsweek twice, as well as the National Enquirer and U.S. News & World Report.

Monica Lewinsky attracted 3.5 points on her own, with three appearances; Hillary Clinton drew two covers, including a shared one with daughter Chelsea on People with a story that generated it's own share of press since the Clintons had asked the media to respect their daughter's privacy.

Next up was "X-Files" star Gillian Anderson in second place, with 5 points from the cover of Redbook and a double play on Entertainment Weekly. The No. 3 spot was claimed by uber-model Cindy Crawford, with 4 points and two covers.

After that it's a pack of celebrities all vying for fourth place, with 20 famous faces all earning 3 points apiece. The crowd of celebrities include Pamela Anderson, James Brolin, Mel Gibson, Melanie Griffith, Lauryn Hill, Liam Neeson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elijah Wood.

Cover Story is Ad Age's monthly ranking of celebrities' popularity as reflected by their appearances on the covers of more than 30 of the nation's leading

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