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Donald Knaack, a former percussionist with the Buffalo Philharmonic, has a commercials music company in Manchester Center, Vt., called The Moo Group, but he hasn't worked on a spot in more than six months. He doesn't have to -- he' s The Junkman, and he's way too busy banging on nothing but found objects. Right now the fortysomething Junkman is on the alterna-punky Vans Warped Tour (headlined by white rap phenom Eminem), making Junk Music -- he's trademarked both his metallic monikers. Knaack has also performed at two whopping Phish festivals in Maine, and his '98 Junk Music CD was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Classical Composition category. "I thought it was a hoax at first," he laughs. Not only does Knaack perform live with a group of seven musicians, he's created Junk Music Playstations that are pounded by hordes of festivalgoers in what are called Junkjams. He hosted hours-long jams at the hippie-dip py Phish festivals, and he expects the same on the skate-rattish Van's tour. "This will prove my theory that Junk Music doesn't have any barriers," he says. His commercials work does, though. From now on, it's Junk Music beds or nothing. "I converted," he says. "I have to be a purist." For more info, check
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