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Morgan Lawley is a director at T Minus 30 Films in Culver City, Calif., who's just completed a rather, shall we say, interesting short film. It's a comedy called What I Did For Love, and it's based on a true story, Lawley (seen at bottom) explains. "In 1985, I was a Laker Girl, I was Paula Abdul's roommate. We were starving dancers, we were paid practically nothing. I met a millionaire in Texas and I so desperately wanted to impress him. But I get constipated when I travel. I never told anybody about it, I was so humiliated. Then, over time, you start to tell your friends at drunken parties, and the next thing you know everybody knows and it's, 'Tell the poop story!' Then someone said, 'This should be a film.' "

And so it is. We don't want to give the tale away, but suffice it to say that a sorely stopped-up cheerleader, spending a few days with her hunky potential beau in his fabulous mansion, finally makes an explosive #2 -- only to find that the toilet won't flush. Her efforts to transport the offending material to another location are the stuff gross-out movies are made of.

"I loved Something About Mary and Amer-ican Pie," says Lawley. "This kind of thing isn't taboo anymore. Girls still aren't supposed to talk about stuff like this, but my friends and I discuss bowel movements and things like that all the time. I'm thinking about doing a series. Everyone has a poop story."

The movie will be entered at Sundance, and she'll "do the whole festival circuit, if it warrants it." Lawley, who co-wrote the film with her producer friend Michele Abbott and posted the audio at Chris Bell Music & Sound Design -- the title song from A Chorus Line is indeed in there -- is a gross-out tenderfoot. The most outrageous thing she's directed previously is a Jill Sobule

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