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NO CODE BLUE: Poor NBC. First "Seinfeld" takes a hike, and now the hunky hero of TV's top-rated show-and most expensive at $565,000 per :30-is walking out the door after five years. The net's challenge: How to keep "ER" off the stretcher once the hot doc played by George Clooney checks out to pursue a film career.

Luckily, NBC doesn't have to leave the set to find a successor. Fellow cast member Noah Wyle is just about as well-liked, intriguing, cool, stylish and sexy in the eyes of "ER" viewers as Clooney.

Based on findings of People Pop Profiles, which measures celebrity star power, the show's producers would do well to give Wyle more prominent storylines. Viewers of the medical drama are definitely interested in learning more about him.

Another "ER" doc, Anthony Edwards, doesn't fare as well. Viewers like him, but he's seen as neither sexy nor particularly stylish. Eriq LaSalle pulls up the rear among male cast members.

More camera time for Clooney's love interest on the show, played by Julianna Margulies, also could keep ratings strongs. Viewers identify with the sexy star, and many believe her career is on the rise.

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