Dot-com Dividends

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No sooner does Bert Berdis & Co., the well-known Hollywood radio brain trust, celebrate its 20,000th radio spot than the company goes and opens a TV commercials division. In an association with director Richard Goldstone, the Berdis staff will write and produce TV spots, no agency required, and they already have three under their belt with a new campaign for, a Web textbook seller. Does the dot-com ad revolution have anything to do with this very unusual move? "Absolutely," says Goldstone, a freelance director and a veteran comedy/dialogue guy who's affiliated with the L.A.-based Dir-ectors Network, a filmmaker's talent agency. BigWords, a prospective Berdis radio client, "wanted TV right away and they didn't have time to go through a normal agency situation," so in addition to a Berdis radio campaign, Goldstone shot three funny spots in one day starring MTV nutcase Tom Green. Goldstone, whose ties with Berdis go back to the early '80s when he directed some of Dick & Bert's TV work, points out that he and Berdis are both former actors, and "Bert values my improvisational skills." Which surely came in handy with the manic Green. "Working with Tom, we can't hold him to any words," says Goldstone, who can now contribute a few himself -- with this new TV arrangement, "I can be involved in the writing too," he's pleased to note.
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