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Michael Chico joined ESPN in late 1995, bringing years of experience in ABC-TV ad sales and media research. Now, he oversees ESPN ad sales and sponsorships, including a growing array of extreme sports events owned and promoted by the cable sports network. Examples include the ESPN X Games, snowboarding, in-line skating and water sports.

Age: 39.

Title: senior VP-integrated sales and market research.

Opinion: Today's young adults are too savvy about media and sports to fool. You can't hold their interest with anything less than total authenticity.

Insight: Viewers are realizing that extreme sports often show athleticism far beyond what you see in major league sports. Women are also an emerging force in extreme sports.

Tip: Create events giving advertisers an instant integrated marketing presence, through ad sales, on-site sponsorship and online presence.

Forecast: Snowboarding will overtake skiing in total participation numbers within a few years.

Watch for: Latin America and Europe to enter the extreme sports sphere; roller-

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