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Michael Boyd of San Francisco's Michael Boyd Music has been doing some interesting things lately, in addition to the usual quality tunecraft for clients like Coke, Nike, Chrysler and Levi's. Guitarist/bassist Boyd, 38, plays in a band called Mox, whose eponymous CD was released on RGB Records in June. A compilation of three earlier private-label CDs from the group, which includes fellow ad music men Hector Perez on percussion and Charles Judge on keyboards, the disc is doing very well, says Boyd, even going to No. 1 at some college radio stations. Boyd likens the Mox instrumental hybrid of samples, worldbeat, ambient and electronica more to the dark sound of Portishead than any soothing New Age strains. "We're not in New Age bins," he says with relief. "In fact, it's usually classified as rock."

As if that weren't enough, Boyd, whose fabulously-appointed studio is in a Barbary Coast building dating back to 1900, boasts a painstakingly acquired collection of modern furniture design. It's so extensive, in fact, it's getting a 160-piece show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Titled "Sitting On the Edge," the Michael Boyd Collection debuts Nov. 20th. Besides chairs by luminaries like Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames and Le Corbusier, the show will also include a chair and table of Boyd's own design, as well as two of his paintings. Then there's his stunning guitar collection, a bit of which is seen here, which he expects will get a show of its own someday. "It's been a good

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