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Web surfers: Need a lowbrow comedy boost? A knuckle-dragging chuckle? Does the word asspants make you giggle like a spastic? Go no farther than Honchie.com, a monthly online comedy magazine produced, since February, by two unprofoundly warped Dallas creatives. Omar Curiel (seen here on the right), 28, is a copywriter at Latitude, a unit of The Richards Group; Charles Stephenson, 27, is a copywriter at Hadeler Sullivan & Law, where Curiel also worked for three years. "A lot of the material from Honchie began as pointless e-mails we would send to each other," Curiel explains. "If you're a copywriter, and you're diligently whacking away at the keyboard, people think you're working on whatever it is that copywriters are supposed to be working on."

In fact, they're more likely pecking out lyrics to fun songs like "Marv Albert's So Sexy" -- yes, the Honchies even supply their own poorly produced downloadable party tunes. "We figured we'd share the insanity with the rest of the world," Curiel adds. "No client bullshit, no CD bullshit, no bullshit bullshit."

"I'd imagine the readers of Creativity would be especially amused by the Merchandise section," notes Stephenson. "We come up with a lot of our fake products and ads while concepting for real clients at work. It helps to keep us sane." Sane? Calista Flockhart Brand rump meat, Fecal Mist perfume, something in a spray bottle called Penis Kleen -- it's all here. But do their bosses know about this elaborate exercise in sub-Adam Sandler bad taste? The Honchies don't seem to know or care. "Eventually we'd like to retire and live off the revenues of Honchie," says Curiel dreamily. In the meantime, "if we get fired, I got a cousin who runs a waffle house, and he's always looking for fresh, young talent," says Stephenson. Check out www.honchie.com today. And please, wear your

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