For Four-Eyes Only

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Atlanta-based Charlie Willis, 50, has had a long and award-winning career in animation and special effects at companies like Cinetron, Designefx and Magick Lantern --but that was before everything went `virtual.' Now, in anticipation of the bandwidth revolution that is surely turning the Internet into computer TV -- not to mention being "attracted to the total control and the lack of bureaucracy" -- he's launched a one-man design company called Actual Reality, which will focus mainly on Web work. "The name is from an article my brother wrote," Willis explains. "He predicted the next big thing would be special glasses with no lenses in them. You put them on and walk around touching real objects and experiencing reality." On a more serious note, the name "reflects on my experience," says Willis, one of the few over-40 guys around who believes his age can work to his advantage. "My company is reality-based, not smoke and mirrors." He promises to wow us with his site,, which will debut later this month. "It will feature all kinds of animation, even clay," says Willis, who feels he's become an adept at "tricking out what's available in the software." His ideal client "is a business that serves the creative market, that wants humor, surprises, clean content and individual attention. Actual Reality will be located at the corner of Haight-Ashbury and Wall Street." Hey, that's virtually down the block!
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