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If Darren from Bewitched worked at a real ad agency, which one would it be?

Dentsu or Black Rocket. It's a tossup.

What is the most creative city in America?

Sacramento. Have you seen what they've done?

Do you watch the commercials when you watch TV at home? If so, do you mute the commercials?

Of course I watch the commercials. I only mute the late-night porn so as not to wake the wife.

What is the best exercise to build your Altoids?

Peruse the above-mentioned porn -- with the mute off.

Who would you most like to come over and cook you dinner: Betty Crocker, Uncle Ben or Jeff Goodby?

The vegetarian.

Tell us a secret.

I'm strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

Do you own a whip?

Ask the people who work for me.

When you're dead, what is the one product you don't want your image used for?

The Peace Corps.

How much did you pay in taxes for 1997?

Less than Ted Bell.

When was the last time you thought different?

At question 5.

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