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, Senior Copywriter, McCann-Erickson/Seattle

Who would you rather drink a couple of 40s with: Louie the Lizard or the Budweiser Frogs?

Who's buying?

Who's your favorite spokesanimal?

Ed McMahon.

What's your favorite jingle?

The Intel Pentium Processor song.

Least favorite jingle?

"La Vida Loca."

Who'd win this Celebrity Death Match: Wendy the Snapple Lady vs. the Snackwell Lady.

All right, mud wrestling!!!

How about the Taco Bell Chihuahua vs. Spuds MacKenzie?

All right, bestiality!!!

What's the most annoying question you're asked about Seattle? Now answer it.

Q: Hey, don't you guys drink a lot of coffee out there?

A: No. (Sip) Not at all. (Sip) Why do you ask? (Sip) You're not one of those rat bastards from Folger's, are you? (Sip) Mountain grown, my ass. (Sip) Paranoid? (Sip) Who, me? (Sip) You're the reason I sleep with one eye open, you . . .

Finish this sentence: "Soup is good . . . "

When you want to pretend to throw up at a party.

If you could shoot any animal through the "O" in "Outpost" what would it be?

I don't shoot animals. I love them. No, really, I mean I enjoy loving them.

Who would you rather have cook you dinner and what would they make: Lee Clow, Jeff Goodby or Cliff Freeman?

Boy, that's a tough one. But I'm sure whoever cooked, whatever they decide to

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