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Will Also Launch a Weight Loss Blog

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NEW YORK ( -- Weight-loss company Jenny Craig will feature Fat Actress sitcom star Kirstie Alley as its celebrity client in TV ads beginning Jan. 10, according to the company.
Kirstie Alley stars in a new sitcom, 'Fat Actress,' and will also star in Jenny Craig weight-loss ads.

J. Walter Thompson
The ads, from J. Walter Thompson, New York, will track Ms. Alley's intended loss of more than 50 pounds following Jenny Craig's new YourStyle personalized weight-loss plan.

Despite the fact that her substantial weight gain landed her a starring role in Showtime's Fat Actress, a sitcom depicting the difficulties of an overweight woman in the entertainment industry, Ms. Alley has publicly talked about wanting to lose that weight. Like her show, which begins airing in March, the ads starring Ms. Alley will display her humorous way of "coming to grips with the fact that I'm certifiably fat," she said in a company statement.

Weight loss blog
In addition to the TV ads, Ms. Alley will post her weight-loss progress in weekly blog entries on

Jenny Craig will simultaneously launch a series of ads featuring Jenny Craig clients sharing their weight-loss stories in self-produced home videos. The first two, which begin airing Dec. 27, will feature the stories of Christie Hansen of Arlington, Texas, and Yvonne Hill of Hyattsville, Md., who lost a combined 183 pounds. The women will learn of the airing of their videos during publicized visits to them this week that will be touted to local news outlets in their respective home towns.

'Home video'
Jenny Craig will extend the "Home Video" theme with a campaign later in the year inviting additional clients to submit videos telling their stories.

Jim Evans, CEO of Jenny Craig, said, "The home video ads are true testimonials to how successful real people can be with Jenny Craig."

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