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At the age of 49, Tom Pomposello may be more popular with kids than the Spice Girls. His New York-based Pomposello Productions produced all the Nickelodeon music between 1984-'92. The doo-woppy "Nick, Nick, Nick" theme is still on the air. Since then he's been doing all the music for Nick at Night and TV Land, with a new music package just launched for those channels. It "harkens back to the swingin' bachelor pad era," he says.

The conference he moderated in November -- "Designing Creative Music and Video for Children in the New Millennium" -- harkens to the swingin' future, such as the music he's doing for Noggin, a kids' educational network that's set to debut this month debut on the Web and digital TV. Despite all the new technology, "I don't believe good creative will be looked at any other way than it's been looked at all along," he says. "Good form and content still drives what will appeal to kids in the next decade."

However, "Internet sound being as poor as it is right now, you have to make it bulletproof and simple," he says. "Working within the capabilities of the sound card in the average computer creates certain limitations," but this can be overcome with creative flourish. "Low-tech that's high concept is a very pleasing thing."

Pomposello, who also wrote the diabolically simple (and not necessarily pleasing) Old Navy theme song, is very high on the concept of audio branding, "which is not necessarily about music, it's about sonics," he says. Consider the new voice-based Excite and PlayStation audio tags; "They're real attention

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