Man of a Thousand Dances

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Though he's only 35, Dave Curtin, recently hired as director of special projects at Santa Monica's Hum Music + Sound Design, has been around the music and entertainment block a few times. Among other gigs: He was a producer and music supervisor at Hollywood film/TV production company Landing Patch; he road- and stage-managed a Rickie Lee Jones tour; he music supervised New Line Cinema's Poison Ivy 2 and Embrace of the Vampire; he was A&R director for indie label Back 9 Records; and probably most intriguing, he was a creative consultant to comedian/actor/MTV weasel Pauly Shore. Really?! It turns out he and Shore went to high school in L.A. together. "Yeah, I helped him rewrite some material for his old MTV series and for all his comedy albums," says Curtin. "I was on the set of all his films, we used to bounce jokes off each other all the time. I'm a funny guy after a couple of Martinis. We'd go out and do something as simple as get a burger and he'd turn it into a bit. It was interesting, but it's an old part of my career now."

The new part includes Hum's upcoming Superblend compilation CD of unsigned bands whose songs are available for ad use." These are real songs from real bands," says Curtin. "The concept of crossover talent is big nowadays; spots are a viable tool now, and bands are using commercials work as a marketing boost for their albums." He also produced the music for a very cool Geico spot called "Shopping Cart," bringing in record producer Rick Boston, who co-produced and co-wrote Rickie Lee Jones' trip-hop record, Ghostyhead.

At Hum, Curtin will be focusing on musical opportunities in TV, film, the internet and videogames, as well as assisting in the creation of the company's record label. But he's not cutting his own record, at least not anytime soon. He did a lot of DJing in his teens, he says, and he plays some guitar and keyboards, but Curtin insists he's "not a musician, I'm more of a producer. I'm much better at sitting down with people who actually write, and collaborating with a real musician." Just watch out after for him after a couple of Martinis.

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