The New Math

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Motion graphics momentum continues to build, now reaching Seattle with the debut of Theorem. A sister company of post house Pinnacle Studios, Theorem is led by director/designers Will Hyde and Terry Wakayama and executive producer Geraint Owen, who aren't daunted by their out-of-the-wayness. "We've all lusted after all the work that goes to California, but we're here for family and lifestyle reasons," says Hyde. They do have an L.A. sales office, but more importantly, there's more work to go around. "There's a lot more acceptance today than, say, three years ago, for type on TV," he notes, "particularly among the financial and spots, where a lot of information has to be communicated." Moreover, now that sophisticated broadcast design is done on the desktop, "more clients want it and can pay for it. You don't have to rely on million-dollar systems," though being attached to Pinnacle means they have Henry and Flame suites on hand, where work can be finished in real time. As for the Theorem name, "I take a pretty intellectual view of design," says Hyde, who ma-jored in rhetoric at the University of Virginia. "Science and math associations are fine." But there's plenty of eye candy to stimulate the brain on the Theorem reel, including Wakayama's gorgeous spot for a designers' anti-AIDS foundation known as DIFFA, seen here.
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