P&G's Top North American Marketer Heads to Rubbermaid

Ted Woehrle Tapped to Drive Innovation, Take Brands Global

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BATAVIA, Ohio (AdAge.com)--Procter & Gamble Co.'s top North American marketing executive has left to become Newell Rubbermaid's chief marketing officer.
Ted Woehrle
Ted Woehrle Credit: Barbara Hernandez

Ted Woehrle, 46, becomes senior VP-marketing and brand management, reporting directly to CEO Mark Ketchum, a fellow P&G alum to whom he also once reported at P&G.

Architect of Tremor, Glad Press 'n Seal
Mr. Woehrle had been VP-marketing for North America at P&G, where he also headed the launch of the company's Tremor buzz-marketing program, which uses a network of more than 200,000 teens selected for their propensity to spread product news.

Before that, he headed the unit under Mr. Ketchum that developed the products that became Glad Press 'n Seal and Glad ForceFlex trashbags – which now are part of a joint venture between Clorox Co. and P&G. And in the late 1990s, Mr. Woehrle led the project to shift P&G agency compensation from commissions to sales-based incentives.

Less Wonga to Work With
Unlike P&G, with dozens of big, global brands heavily supported by media advertising, Mr. Woehrle is going to a company with several small and U.S.-focused brands have small or no media budgets but rely heavily on non-traditional, direct and trade marketing.

"It will take some adjustment, but it's something I'm looking forward to," Mr. Woehrle said. "The brand-building approach is still going to be steeped in consumer insights and what we want our brands to stand for ... but how we do it is way different."

Newell's key brands include Rubbermaid housewares, Sharpie, Paper Mate and Waterman pens, Levolor blinds, Calphalon cookware and Goody personal-care products.

Building A Brand-Focused Organization
Mr. Woehrle sees his role as helping develop a brand-building organization at the $6.2 billion company, stepping up innovation and developing brands more globally. About 80% of Newell Rubbermaid's business comes from North America, compared to only about 50% for P&G, he said.

While he launched Tremor, a unit that also includes the Vocalpoint buzz program for women and which works with outside marketers, Mr. Woehrle isn't making commitments to use Tremor at Newell Rubbermaid yet. "I'm still too new to understand exactly what the brands will need," he said. "Certainly influencer and word-of-mouth marketing are already priority areas for a number of the brands. I'll be able to bring some additional expertise I've developed in that area. Whether or not we use Tremor is to be seen."
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