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Paul Turcotte, 39, saw the power of music when he became publisher of Yahoo! Internet Life last year, following publishing stints at Vanity Fair and Playboy, among other magazines. He spearheads the second annual "Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards" at New York's Studio 54 on July 19, boasting more than a dozen sponsors, as well as a cast of attendees including the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, who has been very active in the online realm.

Mission: Being the best insider guide to the Internet.

Challenge: Getting people to understand the Internet is a medium, not a technology.

Opinion: Music is revolutionizing the Internet and vice versa. The Internet cannot displace print in the foreseeable future because people can't take a computer to bed, to the bathroom or on the bus.

Insight: Because the Internet is such an individualized activity, it increases the need for people to connect with others and the need for events to recognize the individuals behind it.

Prediction: The Internet will spawn more print vehicles surrounding areas of great change: film, travel and technology. There is a great need for

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