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Some serious and intellectually dishonest rewriting of history is going on in connection with this memorial to Franklin Roosevelt in Washington and whether it ought to show him as crippled with polio. Much of the hand-wringing comes from editorialists and others who claim FDR's affliction was kept from the general public throughout his four terms in the White House. Stuff & nonsense! When we were growing up, FDR's birthday every year was made the focus of the March of Dimes campaign to raise money for research into a possible cure for polio, what was then called infantile paralysis. Every thinking American knew the president had earlier been struck by the disease and that he needed assistance to walk and even stand. To deny this more than half a century later is revisionist bunkum.

Vicci Lasdon Rose of Mademoiselle tells me the May issue ad pages were up 29% over '96 at 129 pages. And this on the heels of a 6% gain in April over the year before.

I guess most of us are happy for Ellen, having come to terms with herself and found such a nice friend in Anne. But smooching at the White House correspondents dinner? Is that making a courageous statement? Or thumbing a nose at convention and just being sophomoric?

TV Guide Editor in Chief Steve Reddicliffe and our own Rance Crain were among alums inducted into the Hall of Achievement by the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. Also Dick Stolley, Howard Kissel of the Daily News, Paul Sagan, Nan C. Robertson, Garry K. Marshall, Lisa M. Caputo and lots of other stars.

Janice Grossman of K-III Magazines reports Seventeen closed the first half 3.2% up in ad pages vs. the year earlier with June up 17% over the month in'96. For the first quarter, Publisher Amy Churgin says New York (another K-III book) was up 10% in revenue compared with the first quarter a year ago. I see where they're searching for a prez for their consumer mag division. President Grossman? How does that sound?

In the Grill Room of the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan, at the prim-oh corner table, Steve Florio of Conde Nast with Jann Wenner of, well, Wenner Biz. Also seen and heard, former Mayor David Dinkins, Myrna Blyth of Ladies' Home Journal with New York State's First Lady Pataki, Pete Peterson and Carl Spielvogel.

Let's hear it for Bob Garfield of Ad Age (he writes those cutting critiques of commercials) and National Public Radio and The Washington Post Magazine. Bob's collection of pieces has just been published by Scribner under the title, "Waking Up Screaming From the American Dream." It's his quest for "bizarre Americana" and the editors are, rather modestly I thought, talking about Garfield in the same breath as Charles Kuralt, Bud Trillin, and de Toqueville (de Toqueville's on the "Jim Lehrer Newshour" from time to time).

Let's hear it for Betty Kelly who joins William Morrow as VP-editor in chief of the adult trade division today, moving over after 14 years as book and fiction

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