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Didn't take long for that opportunistic man of the cloth, Rev. Jesse Jackson, to embrace Ebonics. At Christmastime, he was calling it pseudo-intellectual rubbish. Then he talked to the Oakland school board and got religion. The pernicious thing about what is otherwise laughable is that the school board is announcing, in effect, that African-American children are not educable and cannot learn proper English.

Jack Laschever of Departures says the magazine is shaking and baking since American Express and Time Inc. inked that novel deal a few years back wherein the Time guys in effect started running the several mags owned by AmEx. Publisher Laschever tells me from '91 through the year just ended, revenues rose from $5.8 million to $19.6 million and ad pages from 352 to 558. Departures is available only to platinum card holders. Will they go for a broader but still demographically rich readership? Jack isn't saying but stay tuned.

Beth Fuchs reports from Self that the January issue is up in ad pages from 46 last year to 68 this time! Careful, Beth. Keep this up and you can expect Greenspan to splash cold water on everyone.

Jeannine Salveson jumped from Valassis Communications to Act Media, the big in-store marketing company, as senior account director.

Jann Wenner's US magazine's now in the book biz. Their first offering, a photo book called "Crazy Sexy Cool," just went into its third printing, with a total 100,000 copies out there.

Newsweek named a new White House correspondent, Karen Breslau. She covered the Clinton campaign and was part of the team that put out the mag's "instant" issue 36 hours after the polls closed.

PR hotshot Maury Rogoff grabbed herself a new account, the business side of Bride's magazine. Whose new slogan (it used to be all about "your new home") is now "Where love meets money." I'm all for it.

Of course they're relatively new but still, the Chris Meigher books show impressive gains. Garden Design ad revenue rose 81% over that of 1995; Saveur was up 128%; and through October, Quest was 25% ahead in both pages and bucks. The first two mags go to eight times (from six) this year.

Scott Matter joined Osgood O'Donnell & Walsh as senior counselor in their Arlington, Va., office. He was part of the Dole-Kemp campaign team. But we shan't hold that against him. The firm, headquartered in NYC, does communications, marketing and other counseling.

Kara Campbell joined Chanel as exec director/Beaute marketing.

Travel & Leisure reports they closed '96 with 1,274 ad pages (up 10% over '95) and a circulation just topping a million, up 4%.

Now Acura (the car) has a twice-yearly magazine. Pace Communications in Greensboro, N.C., publishes it and it goes to 800,000 owners. When is Chevy

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