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Evan Silver and Gina Fortunato, both 29, met about a decade ago at the ad program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and have been friends ever since. After working, separately, at a handful of New York agencies, Fortunato started a creative collective called Big Toe, and Silver, who's shot some MTV promos, began to build a directing career. But they've always wanted to work together, and at long last they are. They paired up as a freelance team several months ago and promptly produced two outrageously funny spots for a New Jersey chiropractor by the name of Dr. Thomas Cam-pana. The :30s, created by the pair and directed by Silver, aired locally on MTV, VH-1 and Comedy Central -- after 10 p.m. One spot features a man who throws his back out as he's about to get in bed with his lover. She leaves him frozen in agony, goes into the bathroom and we hear the hum of a vibrator. The other spot stars a portly Howard Stern trouper known as Benji, who gets doubled over in a public shower as he bends to pick up the soap. Stern himself has talked up this scenario on the radio. But how'd the team ever find a prize client like Campana? "Gina had a friend who was going to him, and she found out he planned to make some typically terrible low-budget commercials," says Silver. "So for the same money -- under $6,000 -- we told him we could make good ones." The team has since worked on two spots for (see February's Guest Review) and New York agency Black Ink, with more Globe TV in the offing. Plus, they get free spinal alignments.
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