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You're shipwrecked on a desert island. What three ads do you have with you?

An ad for Gold Bond Anti-Chafing Creme (with one dollar off mail-in rebate); a Personals ad with a SWF seeking a SWM who drives a Le Car; and any ad that says "Just Do It."

What one moment inspired you to devote your life to advertising?

When my sister "accidentally" hit me in the head with a roofing hammer. Repeatedly.

If Darren from Bewitched worked at a real advertising agency, which one would it be?

That wasn't a documentary? Oh, God, now I am confused.

How much money did you make last year? How much money should you have made?

Somewhere around $4.75 an hour, but they supply the uniform and the steel-toed shoes.

What product should have the slogan, "Is this a great time or what?"

Folsom Prison. Man, did they nail it.

What's your favorite TV show? Book? Client?

Any show on the Self-Help Channel rules. My favorite book is Slappy the Bait-Shop Boy by William S. Burroughs (sadly out of print). And clients? Baby, I loves 'em all.

Which advertising icon are you happier to see return: Charlie the Tuna or Mr. Clean?

I really love them both, but, for the record, Charlie is a much better kisser.

What work are you most proud of?

This really happening ashtray I made in the third grade. My parents still have it proudly displayed on their coffee table. I just wish they'd empty it now and then.

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