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Austrian-born composer Walter Werzowa has been in this country some 20 years, and at this point, you can say he's as American as apple pie -- especially since he wrote the now ubiquitous Intel audio tag, the most familiar four notes since the opening of Beethoven's Fifth. So why is the Hollywood music house he founded in 1996 called Musikvergnuegen? It means "enjoyment of music," he explains, and yes, it's inspired by VW's "Fahrvergnuegen" campaign, which he was not affiliated with. "I wanted to have a complicated name with a story to it," he says, and he insists it works. "People seem to remember it forever." Just like the Intel melody, a gig that initially panicked him. "What can you compose in three seconds?" he found himself wondering. "I had no clue where to start. `Intel inside' -- four syllables led to four notes. There are only a few intervals that can work globally, and a fifth and a fourth worked best." The rest is history, and that job "definitely transformed my reputation," he says. Now Werzowa, 39, who's grown into a new studio with a staff of 10, has another big audio tag set to debut next month, this one for the Lifetime channel -- and it's a mere two notes. All he's permitted to say is it's "very subtle and feminine." Hmm. Lifetime: two syllables, two notes? His worst fear may be that E! will hire him.
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