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Wilderness survival expert and instructor Tim Kneeland was at the forefront of the bicycle tour movement in the 1980s, leading rides for charity. As president of Seattle-based Tim Kneeland & Associates, he now guides people on tours ranging from three days to several weeks. Leading the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 1, 2000, Mr. Kneeland and partner Karen-Ann Sutter plus 250 riders, staff and volunteers will embark on Odyssey 2000, a yearlong, 22,000-mile bicycle trek around the world, visiting 48 countries.

Age: 54.

Title: President, Tim Kneeland & Associates.

Goal: To help orchestrate life-changing experiences for the millennium, bringing people along with us on a virtual experience even if they can't actually join us, through our Web site (www.odyssey2000.com).

Belief: Everyone should shake up his or her life every five years. Even getting fired or downsized can be a positive thing if you use it as a catalyst for change. Survival today is about getting outside of your psychological comfort zone.

Prediction: People want more out of life than money. More people will challenge themselves with physical feats in the next century as health and fitness become

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