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According to David Gensler, CD at Philadelphia youth culture agency Monsoon Microstudios, there's a war on in the City of Brotherly Love. Gensler spent a little more than a year as a senior art director at Philly's longtime bad-boy shop, Gyro (home of Reactor jeans and Red Kamel), then jumped ship about four months ago. Now he's looking to knock Gyro honcho Steve Grasse off his local throne. "We're bucking heads every chance we get," Gensler says with relish. "We take space out in the local paper all the time to just bash each other. [See ad at left.] Grasse has a friendly rivalry with the owner of Monsoon, but he hates my guts with a passion."

Whence the bad blood? Gensler, 24, claims to be have been so profoundly disillusioned by his Gyro experience, it requires nothing less than revenge. "After I graduated Art Center, I actually engraved my resume on a bowling ball and had someone roll it down the middle of their office. I was so amped to work there, at the king of youth culture! Then it turned out that every day they were eating sushi, drinking sake and wondering whether their Range Rovers got detailed OK. I was extremely concerned about changing the industry. I thought that's what they were about. I came in with my big Art Center ego, and Grasse is not hungry anymore."

Gensler, however, is starving, and he intends to pick up the ball he believes Grasse has dropped. At Monsoon, "We're all a bunch of smartasses and misfits, and Philadelphia is so conservative," he enthuses. "'Our clients love us, but everyone else in town hates us. Here, I have full authority to go with whatever

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