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Award Agency Client/Campaign


Bronze Tyee Group, Mirro/Wearever "Wearever Allegro Cookware" Refined efforts to attract new customers, including a product designer on the infomercial set,

Portland, Ore. replaced the typical "yell and sell" cookware marketing. The campaign's sales-closure rate was 55% according to the agency.

Consumer services

Silver Rapp Collins Direct, U.S. Navy "Behind the Seas" Featuring techno-style music, quick cuts, unorthodox camera angles and testimonials from real Navy

Worldwide/Hawthorne sailors, these infomercials were set to grab the attention of skeptical young audiences. Filmed on location, the spots reached

Fairfield, Iowa new prospects with the message that joining the Navy does not mean putting their lives "on-hold."

Bronze McCann Amgen "Paula" Paula Calvert Bass tells consumers the story of her fight against breast cancer in radio and TV spots costing $865,080. Defining the

Relationship benefits of Neupogen in combating the breast cancer chemotherapy side effect neutropenia, the campaign resulted in 4,636 leads, generating more

Marketing, New York than $1 million in initial revenue, but 67% subsequent patient use for potential of much more income in the future.


Bronze Martin Agency, 64 Magazine "64 Macaroni Mailing" Boxes of macaroni mailed to arts organizations, artists, teachers and local social leaders played on

Richmond, Va. the image of the starving artist to announce the debut of this regional arts magazine. This unusual delivery underscored the

creativity and innovation innate in 64 as a brand.


Silver MS Database American Isuzu Motors "Isuzu Ironman" Shoeboxes donated by Reebok mailed to 25,000 of Isuzu's best prospects offered a pair of Reebok Trailzilla

Marketing, sport shoes to anyone who test drove the SUV. The shoes heightened awareness of the Isuzu's rugged, sporty style and was a piece of bulk mail that

Los Angeles couldn't be ignored. The small budget off-year campaign, which highlighted Isuzu's relationship with the Ironman competition, drew an 8% response.

Silver McCann General Motors Corp.'s Buick Motor Division "Project 2000" Facing increased competition, Buick sold the 2000 LeSabre's looks and its legacy of

Relationship safety, comfort, quality and value. Flat mailings composed with handwritten fonts and sealed with colored tape created an "unslick," personalized touch.

Marketing, Code named "Project 2000," the mailings to more than 200,000 current customers aimed to create the illusion the documents were part of a top-secret

New York operation within General Motors Corp.

Bronze Carmichael Harley-Davidson Motor Co. "Sportster Attainability" The multimedia campaign to attract new and younger riders used 120,000 mailings plus half-page

Lynch, ads developed to maximize media spending and offer variety in creative execution. Best prospects received invitations to the Harley New Year Open House

Minneapolis Celebration at one of 600 dealers nationwide with overall results of 2,065 sales.


Silver FCB Direct, "The Best Response of All" To solve the problem of explaining a new service,'s multimedia campaign defined how permission

Chicago e-mail generates leads and grows businesses. Offering 1 million-plus new prospects the option of targeting only consenting consumers, held

out the promise of generating response rates 5-to-10 times larger than conventional direct mail at costs 75% to 90% percent lower.

Silver McCann Direct Marketing Association "Toughest Show in the World" Advertising people are egocentric, or so this flat mail campaign assumed as it addressed

Relationship 17,000 new and established prospects for entries in the DMA Echo Awards competition. In a market swollen with award programs, materials positioning

Marketing, New York the award as well-worth competing for and winning drew 956 orders.

Silver SRHD, SRHD "Paint Your Vision" Paint cans full of the tools needed to paint, mold and write goals for the future, sold SRHD's expertise at bringing a client's

St. Louis, Mo. vision to reality. Responses to a test mailing brought more than $10 million in new business revenue in the first quarter of 2000.

Bronze David K. Burnap NCR Corp. "NCR Customer Relationship Management Direct" Thirty-six responses by marketing executives to highly personalized dimensional mailings

Agency, Dayton, Ohio that included bottles of investment-quality wine, led to 21 on-site senior-level executive meetings.

Bronze FCB Direct, "The Best Response of All"'s print campaign, telling new prospects how to reach consenting consumers with opt-in e-mail, Chicago lead to the company's acquisition by a leading Internet company, CMGI, and a rise in the company's market value from $2 million to over $700 million

in nine months.


Silver Rodgers Townsend, AmerenCIPS "Day Campaign" Photographs of historic days emphasized the company's 100-year history of uninterrupted power and energized

St. Louis a multimedia campaign aimed at selling services to new and current Chicago-area customers.


Bronze Hallmark Business First Union National Bank "CheckCard Usage Program" A greeting card invited 225,000 of the bank's current customers to begin using its new debit

Expressions, cards. The flat-envelope, complete with an embossed Hallmark crown logo chosen to increase opening rate, drew a 26% response and 58,625 orders.

Kansas City, Mo.

Bronze OgilvyOne Ameritrade "The Tales of Ameritrade" To attract new prospects who view online investing as complex, rigorous and unsafe, the online

Worldwide, brokerage spent a total of about $7 million on print ads to raise and cement brand awareness and establish Ameritrade as helpful

New York and trustworthy.


Silver Newport Creative Hale House, New York "Hale House Brownstone" A Christmas ornament, shaped like a brownstone house and decorated with a cameo of Mother

Communications, Hale went out to 5,000 previous donors. The hand-addressed packages, mailed with Christmas stamps, drew average contributions of $128.15

Groton, Mass. for a total net income of $92,877.

Silver Lautman & Co., U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum "St. Louis Portfolio Project" Database segmenting by past giving and then by ability to give more resulted in mailings Washington to 42,831 museum members. Each member was asked for $250 to underwrite a special, members-only exhibition catalog, "Voyage of the St. Louis." A

second mailing asked the remaining 171,371 members for donations. The mailings raised more than $500,000.

Silver Rapp Collins Worldwide, Children's Memorial Hospital "Create a Little Magic Catalog" Corporations that had previously made donations or were good prospects received

Chicago catalogs of holiday greeting cards designed by young patients and started at $40 for a box of 25. Other potential donors received postcards describing

the cards, for a total of 53,718 mailings. Using the charm of the cards as leverage, the campaign pulled in 1,605 orders at an average of $425.57 each.

Silver Russ Reid Co., World Vision U.S. "World Vision Birthday Bounceback (Spanish)" Spanish language sponsors of individual children

Pasadena, Calif. in developing countries were asked to send an extra gift in honor of their child's birthday. Of 71,655 sponsors, more than 57%

participated and received a special birthday greeting card they could send on to their child.

Bronze Russ Reid Co., World Vision U.S. "Honduras Video Persuasion Series" This campaign asked more than 5,000 previous donors for gifts of $3,000 each earmarked for

Pasadena, Calif. building new housing for families in Honduras left homeless by Hurricane Mitch. Mailed in three phases of a letter, video, and follow-up letter drew 567

gifts for a total income of $939,963.

Bronze Adams Hussey World Jewish Congress "Ambassador's Circle United Nations Geneva Package" Hand-assembled oversized packages, each holding a file with an auto & Associates, penned letter clipped to the outside, were sent to 698 contributors with the goal of soliciting contributions and raising awareness of anti-Semitism and

Washington discrimination. Designed to evoke "insider" quality, the mailing had a greater than 19% response rate.

Bronze Russ Reid Co., World Vision U.S. "World Vision Birthday Bounceback (English)" This international non-profit relief and development agency asked English-language

Pasadena, Calif. sponsors of individual children in developing countries to send an extra gift in honor of their child's birthday. Of 249,466 sponsors more than 78%

participated and received a special birthday greeting card they could send on to their child.

Bronze Brann Worldwide, American Bar Association "Business Law Ads" Five monthly quarter-page ads at a total cost of $108,000 were placed in the ABA Journal to attract bar

Chicago association members to join the organization's Business Law Section. The ads created a brand look and feel for the section, one of 20 available to the association's 400,000 members.

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