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DP&A, London

"Wildfire" A computerized voice unit spoke directly to consumers who opened a flat mail promotion announcing a new telephone service that uses speech recognition technology. Of the 130,000 heavy users of phone services targeted, 53.5% placed orders.

Bank of New Zealand

Aim Direct, Auckland, N.Z.

"Rapid Repay Farm Loan (Weedkiller)" Mailings staggered over eight weeks allowed agribusiness managers to handle responses from farmers who received jugs of weed killer agents with notices explaining how the bank's new revolving credit account "Kills Loans Fast!" Two autumn-time mailings reached farmers at weed killing time, advancing the analogy between weeds and loans.

Bank of New Zealand

Aim Direct, Auckland, N.Z.

"Customized Fixed Rate Term Loans (Toolbox)" Toolboxes fitted with brochures describing the CFRTL as "The ultimate tool for your farm" created expectation in 2,211 current customers and prospects looking for different ways of financing. Sixty-five percent sought further information.

Bank of New Zealand

Aim Direct, Auckland, N.Z.

"America's Cup Invitation (The Gin Palace)" Personally delivered sail-shaped messages invited 335 clients and partners to watch the America's Cup race aboard a yacht in Auckland Harbor. A paddle with a brochure attached arrived as a follow-up device and brought a 100% response rate with spending of less than $100 per contact.

BMW-South Africa

Penny Black, Sandton, South Africa

"BMW 3 Hour Diary" Target audience members agreed to spend three hours each at a car show test driving new models. Of those who reserved a spot, 94% kept their appointments. Contacted first by flat mailings, prospective customers who booked the half-day appointments received two confirming phone calls and ended up placing 3,898 orders.

S. African Institute of Chartered Accountants

Penny Black, Sandton, South Africa

"SAICA Integritax Mailing" Was it a final notice or did it only look like one? A letter laid out in tax-notice format invited new subscribers to accept a three-month free trial of this report on South African tax issues. Along with a second mailing, the device pulled nearly 2,000 orders.


Leo Burnett Direkte Oslo, Oslo

"Call Center in a Box" Paintbox personalized every element of 349 dimensional mailings to suit each targeted call-center user.

Telecom New Zealand Ltd.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Wellington, N.Z.

"Access 50/50 DM" In an individualized, data-driven style, this flat mailing represented exactly how many telephone calls each current customer had missed due to congestion on a single telephone line, then told those 3,691 customers how to solve that problem. Overall, 426 ordered a second line.

I-Quest Corp.

McCann Relationship Marketing, Hong Kong

"I-Quest Wine Mailer" I-Quest promoted broadband Internet access to 200 Asian hotels using couriers to deliver personalized bottles of wine. A 35% response rate garnered 40 orders.

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