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The House is disgusted with the president. The Senate is disgusted with the president and the House. The public is disgusted with the whole matter. Nifty time for a promotional salute to the presidency, huh? So concludes American Century Investments, exclusive sponsor of a new traveling exhibit, "Time & the Presidency." The exhibit, featuring covers and photos from Time, will appear at museums and presidential libraries over the next two years. Michael Barr, the mutual fund company's VP-brand mgmt., stresses the exhibit honors the presidency, not the president, and is meant to play up presidential leadership, optimism and integrity-values American Century wants to identify with. Six spreads will run through 2000 in Time, with American Century ads joined by Time-produced advertorials related to the exhibit. "The ad copy is not about American Century," says Tom Kirk, senior VP-account dir. at agency Rubin Postaer & Assoc./Santa Monica. "It's about America, feeling patriotic and good." The program was created by RPA and a trio from Time, L.A. Mgr. Mark Updegrove, L.A. Rep Jim Helberg and Mktg. Dir. Taylor Gray. The advertorial series will salute Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan and Bush. Nixon and Clinton got left off; go figure.

Why Jarecki is

mad about Mad

Mad Dogs & Englishmen/NY opened last Monday's N.Y. Times to find an unexpected ad: a thank you note from client MovieFone. Explanation? "We had such an excellent experience with Mad Dogs since we hired them" a year ago, says CEO Andrew Jarecki. "We wanted to let them know how much we appreciate it. I think they're underappreciated by the industry." The ad happened to run the day Jarecki sold his company to AOL for $388 million. How about sending Mad Dogs a 15% commission on the sale? "We try to commission the agency as much as possible," Jarecki says, "but I think that may be going beyond the call."

Garbage in,

garbage out?

Now that DDB Needham/

San Francisco picked up Clorox's Glad Bags (AA, Feb. 1), what's that mean for rival Hefty at DDB/Chicago? DDB execs say Clorox doesn't object to Hefty. While execs at Hefty owner Tenneco for now have no comment, they privately say they were taken by surprise when DDB informed them of the news and that they haven't made up their minds on whether to dump DDB or stay. The relationship may hinge on the quality of work DDB turns in for the summer.

Ice box . . . Gallo

. . . proximity

How cold was it? Ask Messner Vetere Etc.'s Volvo account team, Bert Garbassi, Charlene Grimes, Tom Meloth and Lance Paull, who slept at Sweden's unheated Ice Hotel 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle for the new V70 XC spot. "It was about 27 degrees inside," says Grimes, adding that all the drinks in the hotel bar were on the rocks. . . . Make a run for the Bordeaux? Gallo is set to sell California wines in France. . . . Optiva Corp., maker of the Sonicare electric toothbrush, is considering a line of Sonicare toothpaste. . . . Shopping center operator Westfield Corp., housed on the 10th through 12th floors of L.A.'s World Savings building, moved its account from FCB (on the 15th floor) to DDB (down on the eighth floor).

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