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Guys, don't bother to read on. This Wednesday, about 80 advertiser and media executives of the female proclivity will descend on the LA home of Conde Nast's Janet Suber for an evening of makeovers, massages and tarot card readings. The "Girls Night Out!" event, specifically for LA area execs, is the first of its kind for the magazine giant. Libations will be provided by Calif.-based advertisers Skyy vodka and Mondavi wines. Gift bags will include samples from some West Coast advertisers, including Stila makeup and Neutrogena. West Coast Promo Asst. Deirdre Dickerson designed an invitation that looks like a powder puff. Suber, grp. sales dir.-LA, says she has known some of the invitees for 20 years. Between the card readers, manicurists and guests, Suber should have a full house, but says, "I have a lot of nooks and crannies in my home, and there will be something going in every room inside, as well as outside." Is a "Boys Night Out!" in the offing? Suber's leaving the door open to such an idea.

New Web sight at Wal-Mart

An executive who has tested the beta version of the yet to be unveiled new Wal-Mart Web site said it looks surprisingly like the old one, except the focus of the product mix will closely resemble that of Amazon.com and other successful online product sellers. Specifically, Wal-Mart will have more books, computer software and electronics, as well as music and video. "There will be a narrower selection at a better price," says the beta tester, adding, "It will be quicker and easier to target what you want." But Wal-Mart won't abandon its bricks and mortar roots. "Wal-Mart still is trying to get you to come to the store," the exec says.

Getting the point at Dweck agency

Dweck in New York is changing its name to Dweck!. Principal and CD Michael Dweck says: "The word Dweck should have an exclamation point. You know, it's something you step in." Speaking of names, two of the three employees of Dweck's new LA office have only one-an account planner formerly known as John Agnew who has legally changed his name to Jonno, and an art director formerly known as Armand Brionis who has changed his name to lovemando, which is how he used to sign all his letters.

Procter pet plan . . . leechy nuts

Procter & Gamble, planning to scarf up pet feeder Iams (see story on Page 52), agreed to stop most of its animal testing about a month ago to rid itself of a PETA boycott. Now, P&G brass say one reason they wanted Iams was the chance to apply their learning from haircare, human nutrition, etc., to animal products. So, in just a little over a month, P&G has gone from using animals to test human products to using humans to test animal products. . . . Staffers from Campbell Mithum Esty, Minneapolis, filming the new Hostess campaign in Australia for Interstate Bakeries (AA, Aug. 9) weren't asking "Where's the cream filling?" but "Who's got L'Eggs?" Trying to replicate the Serengeti Plain, the crew found an area outside Sydney. But it was so leech-infested that the adfolk wore nylons to discourage the little blood-suckers.

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