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Showtime's in-house advertising people worked with RSA/USA to produce this :90 "Branding '98" spot, a trippy montage of mythological and contemporary images.

CLIENT Showtime agency in-house CD Dan Bragg, Tony Castellano and Marjie Kass PRODucer Vincent Oster DIrECTOR Marcus Nispel prod company rsa/usa special effects jerry spivack, Kevin prendiville, mark zarate, jerry steele, tim bird, lori freitag-hild, robin scher, gonsalo caulongo, Ring of Fire EDIT Jonathan Del Gatto, Red Car

Are ads getting a tad self-referential? Check out this one. Copywriter or "wordsmith" Aaron Hulsizer at tiny Austin agency Bam! is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, getting himself fired in his own newspaper ad for Micron PCs. Since the fully loaded system at $2,399 pretty much sells itself, "What do we need him for?" Micron wonders. "Now with one less whiny, pony-tailed creative around, we can pass the savings on to you." It's little surprise that the art director came up with this concept. It's a much bigger surprise that Micron's agency of record, Trahan Burden & Charles, Baltimore, had the rug pulled out from under them, claiming they knew nothing about this ad.

CLIENT Micron AGENCY Bam!, Austin CD Mike Bevel AD Mark Scholes CW Aaron Hulsizer

Two ads for agricultural products take an unusual approach to a relatively arid category. Raptor, a new soybean herbicide, is being marketed to farmers in 14 states via TV, print and direct mail, seen here.

client American Cyanamid agency Miller Meester, Minneapolis cd Michael Kane ad Maverick Englehart cw Marcus Johnson

Then there's this spread for the Peterson Seed Co. and its new product, Creeping-Bluegrass, a reconstituted seed formula that turns the Poa Annua weed into harmless golf course turf. Sweet Jesus!

client Peterson Seed Co. agency Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis cd Joe Milla ad Mary Patton cw Scott Jorgensen Photographer Joel Larson

Dallas-based Janimation created this Softimage stalker gecko from the template of GEX: Enter the Gecko videogame. It was applied in this nicely executed :30 with the lizard starring in a Scream-like parody.

client Midway Video agency DDB Needham/Dallas cd Jim Ferguson ad Steve Goldblatt cw Mark Koelfgen producer Carrie Birnbaum director Chris Hooper prod company Tool of North America animation janimation

What's this -- an image makeover for Dial-a-Mattress, encompassing everything from delivery trucks to driver uniforms to the corporate Web site? Leave off the last S for 'sbout time. The new campaign so far consists of three loony :30s centered around the Dial-A-Mattress delivery duo and their misadventures with a human squirrel, a husband-and-wife wrestling team and a delivery guy wannabe. The company plans to invade our every waking moment with ads on New York MTA MetroCards and pizza boxes, among other unexplored media.

client Dial-a-mattress AGENCY Dweck & Campbell, New York CD Lori Campbell AD/CW Steve Pearson and Scott Vitrone Producer Larry Shanet Director John O'Hagan Prod Company Hungry Man Edit Dave Coza, mackenzie cutler

Atlanta's Black Professionals seeks to stamp out Ebonics by evoking the exemplary eloquence of Dr. Martin Luther King. The poster was created for the Georgia market, but has become popular in schools in other Southern states, CD Jim Spruell tells us. Word!

CLIENT Atlanta's Black Professionals AGENCY Austin Kelley Advertising, Atlanta CD Jim Spruell and Mark Robinson AD Lee St. James CW Krystal Falkner

Alexandra & Nicolay, we are told, is a confectioner dating back to pre-Revolution Russia. The company set up shop in the U.S. four years ago, and now tries to seduce chocoholics with sexy ads tagged, "Pure Ruthless Indulgence." "The czarina liked our chocolate," they claim. Yeah, and look what happened to her. Another execution (ah, sorry about that) features a bound farmhand dipped in a vat of chocolate. The ads run in CI, Fashion Almanac and Gourmet, targeting the young professional woman with a naughty appetite.

CLIENT Alexandra & Nicolay AGENCY DiMassimo CD & CW Mark DiMassimo AD Andy Budd

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