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Did somebody say McDoppelganger? We know all fast-food burgers are pretty much the same, but in a weird karmic connection, two agencies have created almost the same spot for their fast-food clients. Continuing its ordering-up-a-fresh commercial campaign, Crispin

Porter & Bogusky go for "something classy" with a parody of the DeBeers "A Diamonds Is Forever" campaign for Checkers Drive-In. Similarly, Ammirati Puris Lintas gives us "The Gift" to introduce Burger King's new chicken sandwich. Want some carats with that?

client Checkers Drive-In Restaurants agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky cd & director Alex Bogusky ad Markham Cronin cw

Scott Linnen producer Sara Gennett Lopez director/special effects Allistair Paton prod company Hundred Street Films & Jet Films

client Burger King AGENCY Ammirati Puris Lintas/N.Y. CD Clem

McCarthy & Jonathan Mandell AD Glenn Price & Kevin Kearns CW Tom Kraemer & Paul Spencer PRODUCER Marcy Sansolo DIRECTOR Steve Horn SPECIAL EFFECTS Click 3X EDITOR Craig Warnick, MUSIC Elias Associates

Hong Kong shoot-'em-up director John Woo makes his advertising debut with an amazing spot for Nike International that's gun-free but action-packed. "Airport '98" shows what happens when a team of Brazilian soccer players waiting at the airport decide to start an impromptu game. The underscore of the Brazilian hit "Mas Que Nada" is the perfect foil for this otherwise completely visual piece.

CLIENT Nike International AGENCY Wieden & Kennedy/ Amsterdam CD Dan Wieden & John Matthews AD John Boiler CW Glenn Cole PRODUCER Charles Wolford DIRECTOR John Woo PROD COMPANY a Band apart.35m

Dying of old age never sounded so good. Forget the morphine drip; a new print campaign for Giro helmets touts the joys of living past 100 while you're still firmly in the saddle. The ads quote professional cyclists telling us how they'd like to die, and they're not planning on hiring Jack Kevorkian. Creative director Alex Bogusky says of the ads: "Instead of telling you how it won't hurt when you fall off, they say, 'Think of all the sick stuff you can do.' " Works for us.

CLIENT Giro helmets AGENCY Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami CD Alex Bogusky AD David Swartz CW Tim Roper PHOTOGRAPHER Bruce DeBoer

Academy Award-winning filmmaker and graphic designer Arnold Schwartzman takes a look at storefront signs as a cultural phenomenon in Designage, an $18.95 trade paperback to be published by San Francisco's Chronicle Books in July. Most of us don't think of the sign above the local bodega as art, but Schwartzman finds the ones that are -- and presents them in such a beautiful way that it's enough to look above the windows, not in them.

Four funny new Snapple spots from Deutsch literally plunge into the bottle to show where the best stuff on Earth is supposed to be. In one :30, a time-release version of the drink is worn on the arm like a nicotine patch. In another, a giant Snapple abacus helps a little girl with her math. The revised tag is, "The best stuff is in here," but, unfortunately, Wendy the Snapple Lady is not in here. We guess she couldn't fit into the bottle.

CLIENT Snapple AGENCY Deutsch, N.Y. ECD Kathy Delaney ACD/CW Cheryl Van Ooyen AD Matt Myers PRODUCER Cheri Anderson DIRECTOR Baker Smith PROD COMPANY Tate & Partners EDITOR Ian MacKenzie, Mackenzie Cutler

Want to experience some quality time with God, but don't want to make that trip to Queens? Not to worry, God's got voicemail -- sort of. Just call 718-445-0259 and speak to one of the parishioners at the North Presbyterian Church of Flushi ng. Five pro bono ads from Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, visuals by Charles Robison (he's not just the photographer, he's the priest!), explain how helpful Christians will be happy to pray for you or anyone who needs it.

CLIENT North Presbyterian Church of Flushing AGENCY Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners CD Bill Oberlander AD Jeff Curry CW Doug Darnell PHOTOGRAPHER/PRIEST Charles Robison

What goes best with a dead frog? The great taste of the new Orange Slice in Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' "Dissection Class," one of three new spots in the extreme "Twisted" campaign. Each :30 features a twisted (or gross) situation to match the twisted (presumably not gross) taste of Orange Slice.

CLIENT Pepsi Co. AGENCY Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/San Francisco cd rich silverstein ACD/AD Jeremy Postaer CW Dante Lombardi PRODUCER Jonathan Slater DIRECTOR Peter Darley Miller PROD COMPANY Stiefel & Company EDITOR Igor Kovalik, Inside/Out Films

Did you hear the one about the farmer's best bud? In "Farmer's Daughter," a young man whose car broke down is allowed to stay the night in an old farmhouse after the irascible proprietor warns him to "keep your hands to yourself." But in true backwoods parenting style, it's not his nubile daughter the farmer is concerned with, it's his Budweiser. An original score by John Lee Hooker sets the scene.

CLIENT Budweiser AGENCY DDB Needham/Chicago AD John Hayes CW Barry Burdiak PRODUCER Karim Bartoletti DIRECTOR Kevin Smith PROD COMPANY Backyard Productions EDITOR Greg Snyder, The Lookinglass Co., Chicago

The Anti-Bias Task Force in Southampton, Long Island, uses this simple idea to get its anti-discrimination message across. The freelance-produced ad will be distributed to stores, schools and libraries. But there's no white crayon; does that mean pale people don't count in a beach community? Sorry, just checking.

CLIENT Anti-Bias Task Force, Southampton, Long Island, N.Y. AD Scott Kaplan CW

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