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Dozens of Deutschers, along with their CEO Donny, will don sneakers and head for the Hamptons next Saturday for the Deutsch Love Run. It's the first year the NY agency has been title sponsor of the AIDS-fighting 11K run and 5K walk that benefit Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education. Deutsch copywriter Carolyn Oppenheim and art directors Katrina Kojic and Shayne Humphrey Jr. designed a plethora of run-theme materials-ads, banners, T-shirts and even condom covers (above). The condoms and shirts will be distributed in gift bags after the race.

Tina bash is 'Talk'

of the Brown

The industry spotlight that usually follows Tina Brown around would have come in handy at last week's splashy launch party for Talk on New York's Liberty Island. The setting sun provided a beautiful backdrop to Lady Liberty-at least until partygoers realized they could no longer see each other, or the jumbo shrimp, in the dark. "What a great idea," Conan O'Brien said as he waited in line to order a beverage. "A party in total darkness." Fortunately, the area where dinner was served was better lit. Still this was the place to be seen, if you could be seen, with Paul Newman, Robert De Niro, Madonna, Liam Neeson and Kevin Bacon among those on hand. Talk prez Ron Galotti even took to the stage to rap along with Queen Latifah. Once they get their hands on the premiere issue, media-savvy readers will want to turn immediately to P. 252 to read the hilarious fake letters to the editor (penned by humorist Christopher Buckley) that take pokes at Tina Brown, Hearst Mags prez Cathie Black and Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein. The highlight is a "Corection" (yes, only one "r") about an article in the July issue on Conde Nast's Steve Florio contracting with a New York Mafia family to "take care of" his brother Tom. Reads the item: "Talk regrets if the impression was conveyed that the older Mr. Florio was conspiring with the mob to have his brother killed."

Burnett turns

a far-out 64

Leo Burnett Co. turned 64 Aug. 5 and partied like a child of the '60s. A Beatles-esque band performed in the lobby of the agency's Chicago office tower. The '60s-sounding theme was "Make ads, not war." Every employee got $64 in cash, $1 for each year the agency has been in business. They even feasted on Leo's happy brownies, "but there was nothing in them, I swear," says Wally Petersen, SVP-director of corp. affairs.

Rising to shoo

away 2000 Bug

United Airlines notes that Peter de Jager-computer guru and purveyor of much of the Y2K dismay-will ring in 2000 on its Chicago-London flight. De Jager will pay to fly the friendly (they hope) skies, so he can show his confidence in the industry's preparations to ward off the Millennium Bug. United isn't planning any advertising to mark de Jager's planned flight, however. "We've never seen Y2K as a competitive issue as much as we're flattered that he's on us," says Kurt Ebenhoch, media relations mgr. The clouds will be crowded on New Year's Eve with people trying to make the same point. FAA chief Jane Garvey also plans to be aloft, and the Chinese gov't has ordered its airline executives to be in the air as the millennium turns.

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