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The "Love Bug" and its "Herbie" sequels may get one more turn. Volkswagen, which cooperated with Disney on the earlier flicks, says it doesn't know about any formal deal for a sequel featuring the lovely new Beetle. VW, though, says Disney has been approached by people interested in bringing the Beetle back to the big screen. Our bugs in Hollywood say a script is in the works for a new Herbie flick by a screenwriter who's getting inspiration by tooling around Tinsel Town in a new Beetle.

A NY state of brilliant minds

Who's the brains of this biz? Tomorrow night we will know. Ad Club of NY is fielding the Brain Game, a "Jeopardy!"-style competition among agencies, media and advertisers that will pony up $3,500 for a table at the fund-raiser. ACNY expects to sell about 30 tables; each table sponsor gets to assemble a team of 10 smart cookies to compete for the trophy. Questions will come in eight categories, with many tied to advertising and pop culture. ACNY imported the Brain Game from the U.K., where Gay Haines, an exec with a recruitment agency, has run similar events. Jami Kelmenson, ACNY's asst. dir., says Brain Game will be played in NY in future years and could expand to other U.S. cities. But even if it did, Kelmenson cautions, the world's smartest adpeople work in New York and colleagues in the hinterlands would stand no chance. Note: Some NYers are wimps. Kelmenson says she's aware of a few execs who are conveniently unavailable Tuesday night to put their minds on the line for the big trophy. "Those names," she says, "will remain absolutely anonymous."

Jetta rides again, in store

Boston retailer Jordan's Furniture is airing a parody of VW's "Synchronicity" spot showing the owners, Barry and Elliott, driving around their store in a Jetta. The store is done up in a New Orleans theme, with everything moving much like Arnold Communications' ambling spot. Jordan's, which did the ad in-house, has done other parodies, including a Lexus takeoff and a "Got furniture?" ad.

Too close . . . Spanish prize

Saatchi/SF chief Julie Bauer was not happy to hear her landlord intended to rent out the side of her building for advertising. "I'd pay to keep it blank," Bauer says. "The last thing I need is Saatchi's name on the door and some other agency's client on the wall." . . . Sign of the times: Lopez Negrete Communications, a Houston Hispanic shop, won 41 medals at Houston Ad Federation's Addys-more than any general agency in the city. . . . A consumer PC mktg. exec talking about customers' problems with his PCs: "The bad experience is often not our fault. It's the users' fault, but you can't say, 'What a bunch of idiots.' You have to be careful." . . . Modern Bride is promoting themed issues by sending 2,000 ad execs dress-me-up magnetic brides. Each features a bride in skivvies with an assortment of costumes. Melissa Macron, mktg. svcs. mgr.; Lacey Rzeszowski, promo coordinator; and Claudio Braz, creative director, conceived the collectible promo.

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