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You see Apple, this is what happens when you phuck with grammar. This is a detail of a real ad for Original Pimpgear, found in Stress magazine. And ladies, you'll be happy to know that Original Pimpgear also has a Pimpgirl line. In fact, we'd like to suggest a Pimpgirl slogan: "Where do you want to ho today?"

Best Use of a Supermodel to Endorse a Breakfast Product goes to Kate Moss for Eggo. Lose a few more pounds, Kate, you'll get that Wheat Thins gig.

No. 1 in Mrs. Butterworth's series of 10 Warning Signs That Your Son Is About to Take a 12-gauge Pump Shotgun to School: When the syrup bottle grows arms and starts gesturing on the kitchen table, he can only ask, "This is Lite?"

Ads we love: "All our patients are provided with a morning paper" is the headline under this delightful image. It's for the Ohio City Animal Hospital, from Cleveland's Bill Brokaw Advertising. To CD Greg Thomas and ACD Jody Dana, who were kind enough to send us this ad, we can only say, "You're the shit,

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