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The marketing duo who shook up the place at Micron PC is exiting, and change could be ahead in agencies. VP-Business Development Mark Gonzales quit last week, and Creative Director/

Marketing Weasel Mike Rosenfelt is expected to leave. The two may work together on some new venture away from computer hardware. Mike and Mark recruited and worked closely with Austin, Texas, shop Bam! to restage feisty Micron, staging a "New rules. New tools" ad blitz including such schemes as a $1 million commercial designed for the Internet. Management change does not bode well for Bam! Close observers are watching CEO Joel Kocher to see if he moves the account. One possibility: ex-Dell shop Goldberg Moser O'Neill/SF, which worked with Kocher during his days at Dell. While Micron is profitable, revenue has plunged with the free-fall in PC prices. Question: Will Micron, a distant third behind Dell and Gateway in direct PCs, end up getting acquired by someone like Compaq that needs a direct PC play?

Write the check

and shut up

The International Olympic Committee, after recent troubles with minor matters such as bribery of IOC members, will introduce "some form of morals clause" in all future partnership deals. So says IOC Mktg. Dir. Michael Payne, who told a sponsorship conference in London last week that partners will get an " 'out' if there is an ethical lapse and we don't move to fix it." Payne says no sponsor has withdrawn or threatened to withdraw sponsorship. Most intriguing point: Payne questions whether it's even a proper role for sponsors to inject themselves into the debate. "When should a sponsor be entitled to speak up and dictate change in the organization? . . . In any normal business environment, the executive signing the check has a major say, but I am not sure that the traditional commercial model is the right one in the context of a sports movement . . . like the Olympic Games." Write your checks for $40 million, and be quiet.

Ziff-Davis moves

into new space

Ziff-Davis' Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine is selling space: $15,000 for 50 megabytes. Huh? The mag in August will start offering "commercials" on the sampler game disks polybagged with newsstand issues. Publisher Dale Strang is courting advertisers in games, food, clothing, music and film. Demo ads must be non-interactive. Gamers pay $7.99 an issue to get the coveted disks in the 100,000-circ. mag. Adages regards these hard-core gamers as pathetic social misfits. Then again, pathetic social misfits probably buy a lot of stuff.

Eisner's 'Fortune' . . . CMP sale

Turning heads at Michael's in Manhattan last week: Michael Eisner, apparently fresh from a meeting with Tina Brown. Disney's big cheese was chowing down with Fortune Managing Editor John Huey. . . . Media watchers bet CMP will announce a sale-or sales-next month. Ziff-Davis, IDG and VNU are seen as possible buyers. Most popular speculation: ZD could grab the computer mags, and someone like Cahners could snag CMP's engineering titles.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Scott Donaton.

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