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Hey, this is ledge advertising! Dallas-based agency Gilliatt/Paris has created a high-concept direct mail campaign, targeting frustrated professionals who may be interested in opening a Todays Temporary employment franchise. This ad reads, "Lay this on the floor and place your feet here. If this is where all those hours at the office have gotten you, consider this." Other ads depict a brick wall, ideal for venting anger, and a jail cell. Credits to art director Chuck Paris and writer Brad Walk.

They're changing their name to Comedy Circuit City. In its first effort for electronics chain Circuit City, McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown, Chicago, takes us into the hearts and minds of the store's sales "counselors," as they're known. The tagline insists they are "Plugged into your life." They're all geeks, but endearing geeks, a bit like Drew Carey. In one of four spots from Crossroads director Roger Tonry, we witness a company literature discussion group, where the reps appreciate the value of a good instruction manual. "The flashing battery symbol means the camcorder is almost out of power," one guy reads. "What a brilliant metaphor for the transient nature of life," a colleague sniffles. Another spot takes us to the annual Circuit City Retreat, a camp where the counselors buddy up with appliances, and a washing machine gets to toast marshmallows. In a third :30, an audio idiot sweats his way to a speaker hookup on the customer hotline in a disarm-the-bomb parody. Credits to creative directors Tom McConnaughy and Jim Schmidt; art directors Jimmy Olson, Tom Kim, Joe Stuart and Jon Wyville; writers Kevin Lynch, Dave Loew and Tohru Oyasu; and freelance producer Laurie Irwin.

Gimme a low five! Austin-based GSD&M has produced two pro bono :15s promoting this year's Austin AIDS Walk that don't toe the usual charity line. B&w stock footage of feet effortlessly threading a needle and typing a letter is accompanied only by silence. The light-hearted humor "takes the edge off the serious subject matter," explains co-creative director Brent Ladd. The title card tag: "Your feet can do more than you think." Agency credits to co-CD Brian Booker, art director Radhika Soundararajan, writer Adam Butler and producer Dan

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