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Foxy lady. We can thank New York's Mad Dogs & Englishmen for this knuckle-dragging local transit ad from advocacy group Friends of Animals, which supports FoA's Fur Free Friday protest. We have no figures on the ad's effect on the fur market, but sales of raw bison legs have dropped precipitously. Credits to creative director Dave Cook, art director Darren Lim, writer Deacon Webster and photographer Roberto Espinosa.

Karma chameleons. In a new campaign for Finlandia, The Martin Agency has fun with reincarnation. Three print ads, tagged, "I was pure, glacial spring water," toy with a party game-like premise. The photography of Nadav Kander, Jim Erickson, Toni Meneguzzo and Lynn Sugarmann is garnished with copy like, "I was the person who invented knock-knock jokes," and, "Once I was a tightrope walker. I sneezed." Explains art director Jamie Mahoney, "It's vodka; it's a social drink." Additional credits to creative director Mike Hughes and writer Raymond McKinney.

Mom, the beer truck is here, gimme five bucks! Wieden & Kennedy has produced yet another series of trailer-park time warps for Miller Genuine Draft. One spot celebrates a happy-go-lucky truck driver ("It's time to toast whoever invented delivery guys," we're told), while the other three wordlessly explore what copywriter Jeff Kling calls the "experience of beer drinking." Two :30s take place at a black nightclub (Marvin Gaye croons in one, a soprano croons in another), directed by Melodie McDaniel at Palomar Pictures. The strangest spot, directed by Tony Kaye and Peter Nydrle at Tony Kaye & Partners, simply follows a delivery truck that circles a neighborhood, Good Humor Man style, blaring a German drinking song. "They are simplicity itself," Kling says. "They're just trying to sell beer." Additional credits to creative director Susan Hoffman, art director Jeff Williams, writer Ned McNeilage and producer Jeff Selis. Editing by Angus Wall at Rock Paper Scissors.

Maybe Ozzy can join the Girls as Old Spice. Music Videos of the month: Ozzy Osbourne's "Back on Earth," directed by Nigel Dick for Squeak Pictures in collaboration with Milk & Honey Films/Prague; and The Spice Girls' "Spice Up Your Life," directed by Marcus Nispel for Black Dog Films. In a brilliantly executed homage to Murnau's Nosferatu, Ozzy comes back from the dead to sing things like, "I have fallen from grace and my ashes are scattered; no longer of passion and flesh." The Spice Girls haven't got much passion either -- though they do have some flesh -- but they're also back on Earth, having landed in a spaceship in "Spice Up Your Life" to take over some future dystopic Times Square where they're more heavily advertised than Nike. Burger King, Starbucks, and every other capitalist monolith, including their very own Virgin Records, has been Spiced up. "Back on Earth" edited by Chris Hafner at Brass Knuckles, Los Angeles; "Spice Up Your Life" edited at Red Car, Los Angeles, with visual

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