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So we can't steal a Louis Quatorze ashtray? A new print campaign from Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago cleverly positions the upscale Park Hyatt hotels as modern classics out of the pages of an architecture/design catalog. Copywriter Larry Lipson describes the Park Hyatt experience as "eclectic," but not too left of center; the copy assures us of the "distinct absence of 200-year-old baroque furniture." Additional credits to creative director Marshall Ross, art director Lisa Howard, photographer Hans Gissinger and illustrator Rael Slutsky.

Is this what it looks like with those X-ray specs they sell in the back of comics? "Paralleling qualities of Lycra with the qualities a woman aspires to have," is how Young & Rubicam/New York copywriter Jennifer Lauren describes a new print campaign for the stretchy stuff. Six ads, themed, "Define yourself," urge women: "If you are what you wear, wear what you are." Additional credits to creative directors Howard Benson and Peter Murphy, art director Robert DuFour and photographer David Seidner.

The heartbeat of America just got palpitations. Campbell-Ewald/Detroit has produced a stylish, action-packed pick-me-up of a pickup truck campaign for the Chevy S-10, based around real people who really drive the product. Well, one's a dog, but never mind that. "There's enough Chevys in the world, somebody neat's bound to own one," says writer Bryan Hutson, and the neat owners include a stuntman, a bull rider and a woman who plays paparazzi to a grizzly bear. Four :30s, directed by Propaganda's Dominic Sena and edited by Paul Norling at FilmCore, are tied together with the visual tag of the owner proudly holding a photo of the truck. Credit also CDs Don Gould, Jim Gorman and Joe Puhy; art director Mark Cooke; and producer Craig Mungons. Music by Machine Head; effects by The Finish Line.

No pot luck at Potlatch. The Minnesota Pulp & Paper division of Potlatch Corp. is on the road for a 50-stop national tour to promote its third Annual Report Awards Show-all 670 entries are produced, at least in part, on Potlatch paper-and to honor the winners, whose work is featured in the show's companion book, The Essentials. The 1997 panel of judges included both designers and financial analysts, for a more balanced perspective, and speaking of balance perspectives, one of our favorites among the 30 Best of Show recipients featured in The Essentials is VSA Partners' meat-mad effort for Smithfield Foods. Fax Potlatch at 218-879-1005 for a copy of the show book.

And be sure not to miss the free body cavity search in the lobby! A mere gunshot's distance from the Grassy Knoll hides Dallas' Conspiracy Museum, a tourist trap for paranoids, where "fear can sometimes be your best friend," explains J. Walter Thompson/New York copywriter Kevin Doyle, who freelanced on the print project with art director partner Randy Freeman. Photography by Mark

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