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His breath is a foul shot and he dribbles when he talks. The fun never ends for Wieden & Kennedy and ESPN; now it's a campaign for the WNBA about women's basketball groupies, a small cult of slovenly wankers who are "discovering love through fundamentally superior basketball," as one loser puts it. Directed by Brian Buckley and Frank Todaro of Radical Media in acute pseudo-doc style, these pathetic nerds come off like friendly stalkers. "Being a WNBA groupie," one explains, "you're not just a piece of meat." One of the spots justifies the groupies' plight. "It may not be the life many of you would choose, but please don't judge us too harshly. Because, whatever we do, we do out of love, love of basketball." And above the elevator music, there are sniffly thank yous everywhere, followed by the campaign tag, "WNBA-What's not to love." Credits to creative directors Vince Engle and Jerry Cronin, art director Rick McQuiston and producer Cherie Appleby.

We'd like to know what you look like before we kiss you, if you don't mind. Martin/Williams, Minneapolis, has a new point-of-purchase campaign for Coleman's latest products, with cool-crafted haute-grunge headlines that make our tents pop. Other campy camping company headlines read, "Now you can move your campfire without all that nasty blistering," for the Portable Campfire stove, and "Think of it as a sport utility vehicle for bologna sandwiches," for the Two-Wheel Drive cooler-it is indeed a big cooler on wheels-which, admits agency art director Jim Henderson, as a product "sounds kinda goofy. These just enabled us to have a little fun." Additional credits to creative director Lyle Wedermeyer,

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