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Add cartography to the list of skills needed to be an agency creative. Ken Butts, SVP at Milwaukee's Hoffman York, notes a similarity between his agency's work for Jensen Mobile Electronics and a new Y&R/NY-created ad for Ericsson's 788 phones (AA, May 10). The Ericsson ad has a map superimposed on a man's face; one of the Jensen ads splashes a map across a woman's body. A Y&R spokeswoman says: "We are confident none of the people involved in the creation of [the Ericsson] ad saw that ad." She notes that both are mobile products, so it's not unheard of that different creative minds would come up with similar themes. Butts, art director on the Jensen advertising, says his client broke its campaign last January at the Consumer Electronics Show, where Ericsson also was present. However, he overlooks one crucial difference in the ads -- the map on the Ericsson face is of Dallas, and Jensen's body of work shows a swathe of California.

Advertisers got a ticket to Ryder

You may not be able to get tickets for the prestigious Ryder Cup golf tourney the regular way now that the September event has sold out. (Desperate golfaholics are expected to fork out as much as $10,000 for a pair of scalped tickets.) But there is another way -- buy one ad and get two tix free. Parting with $16,470 for a page ad in the official 1999 Ryder Cup Journal brings the advertiser a pair of tickets to practice rounds and all three match days, plus opening and closing ceremonies.

Big Apple now on Jerry's menu

Jerry Della Femina last weekend opened the door on his new restaurant in Manhattan. The adman-cum-restaurateur's East Hampton eatery has 81 seats and is only open during the summer, but he hopes the Big Apple's 150-seat "Della Femina" will become a year-round haunt for adfolk. It's a mere four blocks from the offices of his agency, Della Femina/Jeary & Partners. Della Femina notes to Adages that one great thing about the restaurant biz is "when your client leaves, he comes back."

Deutsch tackles glitz on gridiron

It's superagent Michael Ovitz scrimmaging with SunAmerica magnate Eli Broad for an NFL expansion franchise in L.A., and Deutsch and Hollywood celebs are taking the field. Ovitz brought out Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner to court NFL owners; Broad countered with a campaign from Deutsch and CD Eric Hershberg. Says Deutsch EVP-GM Mike Sheldon: "We'll take 'em on any day of the week." No decision yet on who gets the game ball.

John-John says Hillary will will

Will she or won't she? John F. Kennedy Jr. says she will . . . run for the Senate. JFK Jr. told the San Francisco Advertising Club that Hillary Rodham Clinton has already indicated to her aides that she will run for the U.S. Senate seat in New York and is starting to assign aides to campaign tasks. Still, the editor in chief of George isn't sure about her chances. He warns the first lady is likely to find the "love fest" quickly will change once she announces her candidacy. Besides, opines the son of another president much admired by the current White House tenant, people are tiring of the Clintons. "Eight years is

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