2001 Creativity Award Awards

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1.Volkswagen 2.Fox Sports 3.Nike

4.Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art


Sometimes, it takes only one gutsy client to change the face of creative advertising. Thanks to the historically inspiring Volkswagen, which tops our charts as the most awarded client this year, creatives around the globe have been reminded that selling cars is an art form. Arnold and BMP DDB make stellar showings on our agency list, with the help of beautiful print campaigns for the Beetle. Also, agencies like DDB/Paris, Slogan DDB in Montevideo, and O&M Rightford Searle-Tripp & Makin/Cape Town earned their share of praise for VW TV and print work. Through the patronage of Fox Sports, Cliff Freeman & Partners hit the creative jackpot, earning Best of Show at Cannes and the One Show for TV campaigns featuring b-ball anomalies Alan and Jerome and the wide world of bizarro sports. Despite the no-look pass on Wieden & Kennedy's "Freestyle" at Cannes, Nike still ranks third highest of awarded clients through work from W&K and South Africa's Jupiter Drawing Room, which also makes the agency Top Ten. Our client list also includes an unusual but impressive showing from Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art, which launched a city-wide awareness campaign, via TBWA/Chiat/Day L.A. On the always award-heavy beer front, waves from the Bud Light "Whassup" phenomenon of last year resounded well into 2001, helping to land Anheuser-Busch the number five slot. Among the advertisers' accolades are the Andy's Best of Show Grandy for the original campaign via DDB/Chicago; a Clio Gold for the yuppified follow-up "How Are You Doing?" via Goodby, Silverstein; and One Show praise for another continuing campaign for Bud Light, radio's "Real American Heroes" (see Spotlight, p. 38).


1.Radical Media 2.Partizan 3.Headquarters 4.Propaganda 5.Hungry Man


After winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes, Radical Media tops our own list of winningest production houses, buoyed by a slew of AICP awards, Gold Lion work for Jack-in-the-Box, and an Errol Morris-directed campaign for PBS, which, despite being mysteriously snubbed in Cannes, took home honors at the Andy Awards and the One Show. Partizan's collaboration with Cliff Freeman's vaunted Awards Factory helped the house slide into second on the strength of the Traktor-directed Fox Sports campaign featuring faux coverage of international sporting events. That campaign won wherever it went, picking up the Cannes Grand Prix, an Andy, and honors at the Art Directors Club. Headquarters' work with San Francisco shops -- Goodby on spots for Netflix and Budweiser, and FCB on Amazon - was good for third. Propaganda's fourth-place finish was also Freeman-related. The Kuntz & Maguire-directed campaign for Fox Sports, this one featuring a pair of hapless NBA wannabes, raked in a Gold Lion, a Best of Show at the One Show, and an Andy. Hungry Man rounds out the list with an Andy and a Silver Clio for E*Trade work and a Gold Lion for a U.K. Dr Pepper spot that vividly answers the question: "What's the worst that can happen?"


1.Mackenzie Cutler, New York 2.Quiet Man, New York 3.Nice Shoes, New York 4.The Mill, London 5.Cut & Run, London


A brilliant piece of advertising more often than not relies on combined talent - not just of agencies and production houses, but of postproduction companies as well. That's why we're compelled to recognize a number of editing and effects shops that helped turn this year's awards honorees into the stunners that they are.

Take, for example, the efforts of editing outfit Mackenzie Cutler and post houses Quiet Man and Nice Shoes. Without them, that slapstick pair in the Fox Sports NBA spots could probably not have pulled off their magic on the court, and that diver in the "Turkey" spot wouldn't get such high marks for his plunge into the sand. Mackenzie and Nice Shoes also helped to polish Andy- and Clio-winning work for E*Trade for Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

We're also impressed by the precious metal that famed British effects outfit The Mill managed to collect. The shop turned out Gold-winning distortions for Levi's "Twist" from Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and put some touches on the Dr Pepper "Emergency" spot via Mother, as well as on Stella Artois' "Hero's Return" through Lowe Lintas/London - both of which took Gold in Cannes.

It also, uh, bears noting that another U.K. shop, Cut & Run, helped pack the comedy punch into the

heavily awarded John West salmon spot from Leo Burnett/London, which hardly had to swim upstream anywhere it was entered.

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