Discovery Channel: "London Ink"

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It was a week to, as an over-excited creative might say in an account pitch video posted on the internet, go big or go home. Spurred on by last week's pick, Halo 3 became the biggest thing of any kind sold anywhere, ever.

Meanwhile Mother London made something gargantuan—tattooed sculptures and an ensuing tidal wave of PR —out of something microscopic—the available budget for its campaign announcing the launch of the London Ink, the blighty version of Discovery Channel's tat franchise. Using the jaw dropping scale of a pair of Mueck-esque, polystyrene figures that appeared in various locations around London and a bit of wit (classic tattoo iconography was modified to fit the London setting; e.g. the majestic war eagle became a humble urban pigeon decorating the lower back of the female sculpture ) the campaign made an indelible impression on the live public and made headlines across the city and the globe.
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