Evil Is As Evil Does

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Comic book fans always enjoy seeing a superhero have to deal with trivial, everyday problems. From Peter Parker dealing with a bully in high school, to pretty much the entire graphic novel The Watchmen, to NBC's Heroes, it's good to see that even though they have super powers, they still have to contend with the little things life throws at us.

In the newest series of spots for pay-as-you-go mobile company Net10, Droga5 takes this approach, except this time with the villains. Here we're granted access into the League of Evil and discover that even the world's most feared villains have to deal with cell phone companies. From the Evil Brain guy trying to decipher his bill to Shark getting mayo on his face after a cellphone-related tirade to the three-eyed, mutton chopped guy dealing with automated customer service ("Agent. Agent. Agent!") to Lava Man being convinced that nights and weekends am freeā€”even these evildoers can't match up against the traditional cell phone service providers.

The absurdity of seeing a giant, robot-enhanced shark complain about his cellphone whilst making a fish sandwich is matched only by the ridiculous content of the many traditional cell phone plans the spots aim to mock. It's hard to beat the previous campaign of dog rescuing, disease fighting, volunteer grandmothers, but Droga and Co. have certainly come close with this nostalgic take on good ol' evil genius.
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