Orange: Good Things Should Never End

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Forgive the bluntness, but it's about damn time Orange's interactive efforts caught up with its heritage of quality TV and cinema spots.

The latest, "Good Things Should Never End," is an online opium den, a seemingly unlimited barrel of mirth with hundreds of clickable items, mini-games and tiny bits of fun; a good place to lose a few minutes should you find yourself lacking trees changing through a season each time you click them, your own slot-machine-generated ice cream flavor or a hirsute friend whose locks regrow each time you cut them. Out of Poke, London, the site's got a great gag—it may actually be never-ending, at least as long as your desire for little tickles of fun endures. It draws more and more wackiness out of a central trove and throws it up with slight variation as you scroll down the page.
But be careful--it's easy to get hooked on scrolling down looking for special surprises and lose half an hour. Hopefully Poke negotiated to get paid based on average visit length. We dug for rumored goodies but gave it up eventually.
And it fits Orange's strategy superbly. If you've got unlimited phone time you can gab on about whatever inane business enters your head; this is the rapidly re-generated equivalent online, an Internet romper room. And unlike YouTube, you won't be drawn into a debate on the precise reason 808 State disbanded, a 9/11 conspiracy argument or scrutinizing whether that cute toddler stepping on a rake was a setup.

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