PICK OF THE WEEK: 7-Eleven's Kwik-E-Mart Project

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In spite of—or perhaps because of—the July 4 spectacular, brand creativity soldiered on. There were some unexpected highlights. But, especially during a week that celebrated all things American, nothing could top the amazing melding of two American icons—The Simpsons and 7-Eleven. You can read here and here all about how many-splendored this cross promotional stroke of genius really is. Sadly no Snake or hairy hot dogs, but details aside, the mere fact that a company like 7-Eleven willingly entered such a strange pop culture loop—making a marketing campaign from another marketing campaign based on a film based on a TV series in which your brand is a core piece of satire undertaken for the sake of a combination of easy laughs and mild social commentary—is cause for this week's second largest celebration.
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