PICK OF THE WEEK: Choice FM "Kill the Gun"

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There's doesn't seem to be a lot left to shock people, especially when you're talking about drugs or violence. Here, AMV BBDO and co-directors Malcolm Venville and Sean De Sparengo combine a little "This is your brain on drugs" imagery with slow-motion depictions of a bullet piercing through familiar items for this anti-gun spot, all to a surprisingly strong effect. Venville and Sparengo used the same Phantom camera he captured Tiger Woods' golf swing with in Nike Golf's "Swing Portrait," shooting 10,000 frames per second. The film is stunning and especially effective when paired up with a classical score that sets the somber tone perfectly.
Given the spot's for UK hiphop radio station Choice FM, it's a valiant effort to show a younger audience the actual damage a bullet can inflict outside the realm of Grand Theft Auto or Halo. Hell, we thought we heard in a movie once (Goodfellas?) that a .22 didn't make much of a mess. This certainly shuts that theory up quite succinctly. And there's a special high-five for sharpshooter and ex-Navy Seal Mark Stefanich's aim, which was on full display when he put the bullet through a bottle of water lengthwise with no scope or gun rest, and blew each object to bits in under three takes. Watching a glass of milk and watermelon explode with such brute force and beauty was thrilling -- until we started thinking about what that might do to our hand, leg or head.
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