PICK OF THE WEEK: Coca-Cola - "New World of Coke"

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Nope, this particular selection is not a signal of impotent rage that our pick didn't get the magic nod at Cannes. This is just a tip of the bottle cap to another very likable, very visually engaging little brand film from Coke, Wieden and Psyop. This Coke-umentary made for the company's World of Coca Cola in Atlanta takes us behind the behind the scenes action of the Happiness Factory, where the strange beings that bring you your vended bottle of Coke talk about their work and about the product that makes their world go round.

Some have criticized the film for using the same device as some well known existing animated properties but, as we've noted before, the ad industry has been known to borrow a thing or two from outside its boundaries occasionally, hasn't it? And this film stands on its own, with its own original elements and executional rigor. There are a hundred ways this film could have been terrible but in the end there are at least ten big and small ways that the thing works ( "I smile ten minutes before I go to bed and ten minutes when I wake up in the morning" and the foreign-accented pontificator getting repeatedly pinged by a snowball are just two). It's another example from this team of that mythical marketing-land thing-the piece of content that you'd seek out and watch several times.
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