PICK OF THE WEEK: Guinness "Alive Inside"

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Remember Woody Allen's 1972 film, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask? Well, this spot evokes the hilarious sperm sketch, which dramatizes the goings-on inside a man's body during a particularly hot date. Now, as funny as that movie is, any mention of the word "sperm" is perhaps the last thing we want to think about when enjoying our favorite pint, so we'll just stop talking about that right now.
For anyone who views a settling pint of Guinness as one of life's most beautiful experiences (following drinking it, of course) this spot will elicit two very different reactions. The first being whimsical excitement, as the folks at BBDO Dublin cleverly portray the magical foam as little helmeted commandos, clad in outfits that land somewhere between an Olympic luge champ and James Caan in Rollerball. They fly across the screen, bouncing off big black drums to create a synthesized pounding that reaches its crescendo just as the heavenly elixir is fit to drink. The second reaction is one of uneasy relief, since it is finally revealed to us just who keeps pounding the delicate drums in our head and stomach the day after a particularly successful bender on the black stuff.

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