Pick of the Week: Orangina. Special bonus pick: Fubar!

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It's not exactly going from the sublime to the ridiculous to have two such divergent items sharing pick of the week honors—more like embracing the sublimely ridiculous on both counts. Orangina "Naturally Juicy" is like some sylvan porn universe version of Happiness Factory, only significantly happier. Was the company worried that Orangina was perceived as a kids' drink? Or does this just pass for Saturday morning animation in France? Maybe creatives were just fixated on the last four letters of the product's name. In any case, filthing up the animal kingdom was an inexplicable, yet effective way to leave Orangina (and the sight of a slutty Octopus crushing two oranges against her breasts) permanently etched in our minds.

Meanwhile, a galaxy away, Mullen creates a site for the new, excellently named, Stanley Fubar that does the wisest thing possible—it gets the heck out of the way. Nothing fancy here—the site just allows the charms of this nifty device of destruction to speak for themselves. A bit of product info and videos of some manly types f*cking stuff up with the hero tool are all that's necessary. Thanks to this site, the Fubar is atop the Creativity holiday season wish list.
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