PICK OF THE WEEK: Project 155 - "My Left Eye"

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Project 155 - 'My Left Eye'
Project 155 - 'My Left Eye'
The best ideas sometimes immediately call to question why someone hasn't done them before, and Santo's latest, for the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival is no different. Commissioning five different films from the same script, Santo was able to feature the unique visions of five directors, focus on the variance in style an individual director brings to a project (also giving viewers to a deeper understanding of film) and, ultimately, project an innovative and bold face for its client Clarin Newspapers.

Nicolas Parodi uses gritty animations, Ariel Winograd a comedic touch, Rodrigo Garcia Saiz raw sepias, Plastico a moddish cheek and Cayetena Vidal whimsy and innocenceóeach a unique look on a script light with irony and filmic resonance. The BAIFF was so impressed it the advertising became part of the festival program.
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