PICK OF THE WEEK: Samsung - 'Millimeters Matter'

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Samsung - 'Millimetres Matter'
Samsung - 'Millimetres Matter'
Author and cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter, whose book Goedel, Escher, Bach is a nerd cult classic (and whose latest contemplation on the essence of consciousness, I Am a Strange Loop is on the AdCritic spring curriculum) said in the NYT Magazine recently that his regard for the "souls" of creatures led him to vegetarianism, but that mosquitoes were pretty much fair game because if they have souls, they're probably evil. He went on to say that ants deserve a little more respect. Eerily, there are no ants depicted in the weird and watchable web video "Millimeters Matter."

But there are other insectsóand they are all being bombarded by miniature pastries and other assorted tiny treats propelled by a very precise looking yet still darling little catapult. The whole show is captured by super duper high speed film. There are, for example beetles and beesówhich have got to rank pretty high on the soul scaleóbeing, at the very least, humiliated by the sweet assault. So we officially feel bad for enjoying this oddityóor we would if it didn't look in key places like awesome CG.

Whatever guilt or angry letters are generated though are surely a small price to pay for provoking thought and debate about the nature of non-human consciousness and the fact that life is a game of millimeters.

Oh, and it's for Samsung phones.
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